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Heather Stewart

This year I focused on branding and identity, such as Better Burger. From a brief given by Moving Brands: a brand that uses lab grown meat and has a Taoist philosophy. I began researching the philosophy, target audience, market, and competitors – using this to create a brand identity that expresses sustainability with a friendly, familiar feeling.

Other projects I underwent this year include RingRing – a ring that you can press and it will cause your phone to ring so you can escape any awkward social situations. Copywriting was an essential part of these projects as it can turn a reader into a customer, and inform them of the brand’s unique mission and purpose. I enjoy incorporating illustration into my work, using it to further communicate the message and meaning when appropriate.

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Better Burger
Takeover TV

Better Burger

In an identity brief given by Moving Brands this began with a workshop where we were given a random philosophy and industry to create an unusual brand identity. I was given lab grown meat and Taoism.

So I designed an identity for a food truck that can travel around and introduce more people to lab grown meat. As lab grown meat is still very new and people may be wary of it I focused on very friendly and playful branding. Although the meat is made in a new way, the burgers still taste the same way we all know and love – therefore there was a lot of influence from 50s diners for example with the red colour of the iconic booth seats.

Burger Truck





This project came from the weekly prompt that was ‘design a product that would help someone navigate a tricky social situation’.

I was thinking about what tricky or awkward social situations I have been in myself and wished I had an easier escape. I had the idea when I remembered a time whilst waiting for the train a man sat next to me and started asking lots of personal questions even though I was on my phone trying to look busy. I felt uncomfortable so in the end lied and said I need to go get my ticket now and walked away.

What if therewas no easy way out like that – then I had the idea of faking a phone call. Activated by a ring.

Logo Variations


Set Up

How to Ring


Illustrated example


Takeover TV

To takeover a billboard for a day. This brief focused on the relationship between audience, location and the message. I chose the message better late than never and the M8 as even though restrictions have been put in place there are still a high volume of accidents.

Inspired by both the double yellow road markings for colour and also LED motorway signs. In an animated version of the billboard the tire tracks spin around the side, these catch the drivers eye without being too distracting and dangerous.


Drive safe