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Hector Will



My name is Hector. I am a 26 year old designer/artist working out of Edinburgh.

The concept for LORE was thought up after living in the west end of Glasgow for 2 years on the back end of the pandemic, COVID-19.

The concept had two major goals. The first was to create a social space void of the pressure of alcohol. The west end is littered with bars and pubs which can accommodate for days and nights out of this nature but far too often did myself and my flatmate find that when we wanted to engage in a social activity within the west end we were met with little to no options.

The second goal was to build a social space around the mindset of making hobbies fun and accessible for everyone. the model customer having zero experience in the hobby of their choice, and then being able to leave confident to pursue said hobby in their spare time. This would then create a more confident, knowledgable student of the arts.

LORE Branding

“LORE - a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.”

LORE front cover

This image was used for the front cover of my portfolio and for the concept of LORE's students monthly magazine.

Lobby Seating

Worn down concrete. This will be used to identify spaces of work, Leaning into how easy it is to clean and maintain. Dark stained wood. This will be the base layer throughout the venue. Shaggy colourful carpet. This will be used to identify spaces of down time and relaxation throughout LORE. The intention behind choosing these materials throughout the building is to demonstrate the relationship between each creative outlook, how vastly different they are, and how they also all work together and have the ability to create a singular outlook of motivating and inspiring creativity.

Woodwork workshop

The Lobby

When entering the reception area you will be met with a small waiting area alongside the custom built reception desk. The wooden flooring is dotted with “puddles” of smooth concrete and shaggy colourful carpet. This is to represent the unison and diversity of creative outlets throughout the building as well as add some flare and colour.

Pottery studio

Pottery is similar to the wood working facilities where you need a very specific set of tools that you can only use for pottery. It is due to this that its availability is slim and access to the activity on a more general level is hard to come by. This is why it is important to intergrate it into the site and allow for a more general approach to the hobby, rather than the specialised facade it holds now.

Ground floor seating

Seating/Relaxing Area. Being on the first floor away from the gallery this will more be used for customers only during breaks in the day or pre/post classes. This is also to be used for a general social space between customers.

Woodwork workshop

This will vary from frame making to furniture craft to lathe learning. The tools required to get stuck into a lot of these activities are very expensive and without the proper supervision can be dangerous. This is why woodwork is a must pick to start us off. To allow people the option of this experience in which they may have been denied in the past.

Gallery space

The idea behind the gallery was to create a space that can be easily moulded into whatever is needed, not having anything as a permanent fixture. The ceiling would have a rebar grid system attached to allow art to be hung in all manner of different ways. Pedestals would be light painted mdf boxes that can be moved and stored when not in use.

Ground floor

Initially the target audience was the youth of Glasgows West End. The area is littered with pubs and bars as well as being surrounded by student accomodation with the areas activities scene being primarily used by this specific group. With LORE being in the heart of the West End it would create an alternative to the drinking culture, allowing the younger demographic to socialise and cure their boredom in a more creative manner. However if LORE was to go ahead, all demographics could be seen using its facilities.

LORE branding

One of the concepts to come out of designing LORE was to create a monthly magazine containing the work from the customers. This would serve as additional promotion, allow customers to experience having their work in a magazine as well as offer opportunity for a class in curating and designing a magazine.

First floor

Designer:Hector Will IG:KillSnakesForFun