School of Design Silversmithing & Jewellery

Holly Heron-Chambers (they/them)

My practice explores the way in which fashion is an extension of the self. By re-examining subcultures through the lens of reflective nostalgia and melding the aesthetic signifiers inherent in the subcultures together, identifying elements of queerness present within them all, this collection expresses my own unique queer identity through objects in a meaningful and universal way. Juxtaposing elements and materials such as silver, leather, and nylon, the collection transforms the semiotics of existing subcultures into speculative design. This is a collection of my own neo-western artefacts, influenced by styles from my past and present; objects to subvert capitalist ideology.


Photography by Jess Wishart
‘Just re – Do It’

‘Just re – Do It’



Bolo Tie 1

Cast silver on black reflective nylon.

Bolo tie 2

Oxidised Silver cast on reflective green nylon.

Sherif Badge

Silver cast on acrylic laser cut pin.

Deputy Badge

Laser cut acrylic on oxidised silver cast pin.

Spur 1

Forged oxidised copper heel band with bronze cast rowel.

Acrylic Spur

Laser cut acrylic with silver shank and cast rowel.