School of Design Silversmithing & Jewellery

Holly Heron-Chambers (they/them)

My practice explores the way in which fashion is an extension of the self. By re-examining subcultures through the lens of reflective nostalgia and melding the aesthetic signifiers inherent in the subcultures: ‘ned’, goth, and cowboy together, identifying elements of queerness present within them all. This collection expresses my own unique queer identity through objects in a meaningful and universal way. Juxtaposing elements and materials such as silver, leather, and nylon, the collection transforms the semiotics of existing subcultures into speculative design. This is a collection of my own neo-western artefacts, influenced by styles from my past and present; objects to subvert capitalist ideology.


Photography by Jess Wishart
‘Just re – Do It’

‘Just re – Do It’



Bolo Tie 1

Polished cast silver on black reflective nylon.

Bolo tie 2

Oxidised Silver cast on reflective green nylon.

Sherif Badge

Silver cast on acrylic laser cut pin.

Deputy Badge

Laser cut acrylic on oxidised silver cast pin.

Spur 1

Hand forged oxidised copper heel band with bronze cast rowel.

Acrylic Spur

Laser cut acrylic with silver shank and cast rowel.

Bolo Tie 2

Model - Oscar Wharton.

Bolo Tie 3

Bolo Tie 3

Matte silver cast on leather cord, square tube tips. Photo by - Shannon Tofts