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Ian Salu Bownes


I am a Scottish/Indonesian designer with a keen interest in complex future issues that are gaining momentum in today’s society. Exploring a range of subjects such as sustainability, UX, and service design, I am eager to develop my skills and contribute to meaningful and impactful projects that shape the future. As the boundaries between art, technology, and the human experience become increasingly blurred, the oncoming wave of innovation presents an extremely exciting and challenging space to navigate as a young designer.

Future Experiences – ‘SENSE’

Future Experiences – ‘SENSE’

Climate change and heavy industrialization have fundamentally altered our ecosystems. Pollution and bacterial infections from unsecured water sources are incredibly destabilising forces for all living creatures in the immediate environment. Despite the existence of many protected areas, laws are often ignored, leaving the communities who inhabit these regions unable to combat severe ecological dangers due to a lack of resources.

Sense would empower these at-risk communities by providing them with the means to monitor the ecological condition of their landscape. This system would supply users,  collaborating experts and environmental protection agencies with real-time data, enabling them to formulate response strategies when dangerous elements are detected in these protected zones.

The inspiration for this project came from my friend, who uses an implant to measure her blood glucose levels. This made me ask myself: what if we had a device that operated the same way but measured the bacterial or pollutant quality within our ecosystems? How else can we commodify lab equipment to protect the landscape and people most at risk from climate change?

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