Interaction Design School of Design

Ioanna Charalambous


“Stillness In Motion” invites you to explore the delicate balance between mental chaos and order within yourself. The fast-moving visual projected on the flowing fabric creates waves and patterns representing the turmoil within the mind, reflecting the challenges that disrupt our mental equilibrium. The changing colours depict the diverse range of thoughts, emotions, and experiences that shape our mental landscape, with each hue illustrating different aspects of our psyche—from joy and excitement to fear and sadness.

By sitting on the bench in front of the fabric and covering the sensor hidden in the seat, you see the piece respond to your presence, mirroring the idea that individuals have agency in shaping their mental state. As everything calms down and begins to find balance, it illustrates the adaptability of the mind. The liquefied shape serves as a reminder of the beauty and complexity in our journey toward finding equilibrium amidst the swirling tides of existence.

Additionally, the fabric’s motion mimics deep breaths to enhance calmness. Be mindful of the transitional changes, guiding you from heightened awareness to relaxed reflection. By embracing the full spectrum of our experiences, we can integrate them into a cohesive whole. Embrace the stillness and embark on your path to inner balance.

Learning Journal
Creating the Installation
Development and Creative Process

Creating the Installation

The installation is grand in scale, drawing the viewer in and creating an immersive experience that aims to separate them from all external distractions. Every element that is part of the staging is coloured white, allowing the visuals and interactive aspects of the piece to dominate and take centre stage.

Everything works cohesively by sending signals across two devices. The central device collects data from the sensor hidden in the bench, triggers changes in the visuals, and sends a signal to fans hidden behind the fabric, which are controlled by the peripheral device. This coordination causes the fans to adjust their speed making the fabric achieve a breathing-like movement.

3D Mock-up

3D Mock-up with Visual

Development and Creative Process

Video Documentation