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Iona Thomson

Journeys and Observations

Journeys and Observations

GPS data, Illustrator, Processing, Arduino, heart rate sensor, plaster, projection.

This project aims to transform GPS data from daily commutes and explorations through Glasgow City Centre and Motherwell into tangible, visceral representations.

The sculptures in this collection depict my routine bus routes from Motherwell to The Glasgow School of Art, as well as train routes to my workplace on Buchanan Street and walks around Motherwell town centre.

The projections combine handwritten observations, heart rate data, and photos of graffiti from these journeys. The graffiti sequence is derived from tracing photographs captured during my walks through North Motherwell and around Sauchiehall Street.

Additionally, users can switch between projections using buttons, and a slider allows them to explore the data at their discretion.

By merging these various elements, the project creates an immersive experience, capturing the essence of my daily travels and the vibrant urban environment.


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Graffiti from Glasgow projected on 'Home to GSA'.
Handwritten observations from journey projected on 'Home to GSA'.
Photo of plaque beside Motherwell Train Station.

Process of making 'Journeys and Observations'.

'Journeys and Observations' Installed.
'Journeys and Observations' Installed.
GPS data extracted from strava.
Graffiti projected onto all sculptures and controlled by interface.