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Iona Yost

Heritage inspired fashion design using surplus fabrics.

Interwoven Alba

Interwoven Alba

Being a part of the next generation of designers, it is important to study new business models and manufacturing techniques that aid the Circular Economy’s positive function. Smaller designers have the capability of being very selective during their creative process to ensure ethical and responsible practices.

Interwoven Alba’ evolves with localism specifically in mind exploring Scotland’s innovative textiles, enduring heritage practices, and the amazing people working to reduce industry waste. Traditional highland wear influences combine with eco-conscious waxed cottons to inform a contemporary menswear collection. It is not held back by the fleeting trends of today, and instead comprises of versatile lifelong garments that age with the wearer.

In essence, ‘Interwoven Alba’ explores the idea of merging the past with the present to design for a sustainable future.

1 - Collage

Oscar Mazaroli photo of 1950s Glasgow combined with images of water-manipulated fabrics taken at Irvine beach.

2 - Collage

Mimicking traditional highland wear with oversized layers wrapping the body.

3 - Collage

Collaging with a physical toile on the body to inspire style detail placements.

4 - Collage

5 - Final Garments

6 - Final Garments

7 Final Garments

8 - Final Garments

9 - Final Garments

10 - Final Garments