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Jai Dara


Having recently completed a my time in Interior Design at the Glasgow School of Art. I have honed my skills and embraced a more experimental approach to design. This experience has given me the confidence to step into the professional world, making me more eager to learn and continuously improve my skills.


The Blueprint

The Blueprint

Project concept 

Maximizing one’s life to its fullest and most complete potential is a fundamental aim of any rational individual. longevity is important as it extends the opportunity to explore the richness of human experience, delve deeper into personal relationships, and allows for continued growth and learning. This is a founding principle of ‘the blue zone’ – a system of rules based on long life pockets across the globe designed to emulate their environments and bring health, wellbeing, and longevity to all. therefore, this shall be the basis for my concept – a gym / health club based around the blue zone themes named ‘blueprint’. Blueprint encourages meaningful engagement with community, health, and self-fulfilment so they can lead purposeful and satisfying lives.

Aim of the project

Blueprint believes in creating a welcoming, invigorating, and enriching environment that fosters a culture of inclusivity, community, and lifelong wellness – dispelling anxiety around confronting one’s health and gym. This ‘blueprint’ to longevity shall be achieved through conscious design decisions built on the 9 themes of the blue zone.

Why this project 

“Scotland have the lowest life expectancy in western europe”. This is the title of an article by devi sridhar in april 2024. The national records of scotland published an article in 2023 and stated that there has been a “decrease of 3 weeks for males and 5.7 weeks for females since 2019-2021” regarding life expectancy. These statistics show that we have a problem, and it’s worsening. Stereotypes around unhealthy scots breakfasts may not be all playful conjecture – but instead a light shone on deeper issues around how scots engage with health. Inviting people into blueprint – a space which celebrates healthier choices, is supportive of people and helps them become more fulfilled, could potentially go a long way to address the challenges of longevity in Scotland.


At ‘blueprint’ I am vying for a future where people can be healthy, happy, more connected, and confident in their lives. enhancing people’s daily rituals and wellbeing with a well-designed space that enables them to seamlessly integrate the core themes of the blue zone into their lives. This will not only make health an easy process to initiate improvements on, but empowers the individual to grow and have a clear path for their wellness journey.


The individuals most likely to embrace these concepts are those eager to positively impact their lives and possess a proactive attitude toward making such changes. Often, possessing certain similar values towards having a connection to concepts that betters themselves and their community. Everyone aspires to a long and joyful life, but joining a community with similar goals often starts with a personal interest in one’s own well-being. Blueprint caters to this group’s needs, making it an ideal fit for the described demographic.

power 9

render gym

gym floor

gym section 1

gym top render


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basement top

render basement

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20 credit 1

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