Prize Winner

Technical Excellence

Immersive System Design – 3D Modelling Innovation & Technology

Jaime Ojeda

(He/ Him)

I am a passionate 3D artist with a focus on character modelling but also a flexible skillset that has allowed me to develop a multidisciplinary approach towards my craft. I see digital art as a medium through which to translate my vision to something tangible, and thrive to deliver experiences that provide many layers for users to interact with, acknowledging the intrinsic complexity of art and trying to embrace it rather than limit its infinite possibilities.

ArtStation Portfolio
Basic Adventure
Armouring of Athral – VR

Basic Adventure

Basic Adventure was one of my final year projects for the GSA. Inspired by the Forgotten Realms setting the idea was to create a line-up of fantasy characters that would push my skills and improve my portfolio. I made a big emphasis in planning for this project, and ended up spending around 250 hours working in it.

Project Trailer

Group Render

The wizard concept sheet

The rogue concept sheet

The barbarian concept sheet

The wizard cinematic render

jaime-ojeda-untitled-design-2 (2)

The rogue cinematic render

The barbarian cinematic render

The wizard clay render

The rogue clay render

The barbarian clay render

The wizard close-ups II

The wizard close-ups I

The rogue close-ups I

The rogue close-ups II

The barbarian close-ups I

The barbarian close-ups II

Armouring of Athral – VR

As one of my final projects for the GSA I was asked to create an immersive VR experience in Unity. I approached the brief from the point of view of a character artist and created Athral, an originally designed character that the player would have to put an armour on piece by piece, using robotic arms in a virtual reality environment. As a fun anecdote/ highlight, I ended up having a spare day before the deadline, so I decided to do some voice acting for the project, which is something I had never done before. All that time I’ve spent singing along death metal songs in the shower was finally useful for something.

Full playthrough

Athral, the Blade of Hate

ZBrush set up

Bodysuit and armature

All pieces in place

Pieces open

Rear view

Alternate ambience