Chair's Medal for Design 2023

Interaction Design School of Design

Jamie Robinson

Jamie’s work looks at the design of systems, and how through interrogating a system’s inputs and outputs, a feedback loop is created through the process of interaction. This focus on process allows a dialogue to be created between the users/participants and the work itself.

By curating a set of controls for a music making system, participants are given access to shape their own unique experience, thus introducing non-linearity into the work and breaking down a one-directional performer-audience dynamic.

This year Jamie has been making creative tools to not only act as a catalyst the creative process, but also aiming to give people access to the new media technologies he uses himself, without having to get into the nitty-gritty.

Jamie Robinson Design
Structure of a System
Circle Grid Systems

Structure of a System

Theory and experimentation exist in conjunction with each other, tools act as a catalyst to this creative process. My work aims to offer people an access point to using cybernetic systems as a creative space, focussing on embracing the unique benefits of the digital realm, instead of simulating our previously un-broken analogue environments.

Inspired by the process-oriented approach of the New Brutalism movement; form follows function in this work, with a simple box drawing attention to plan. The shuttered concrete and welded steel are both products of the processes used to make the structure. The time-based element of the work is expressed using light acting as a spatio-temporal translation, with circles referencing the looping behaviour of early dance music. The light interface for the pattern system is an abstracted diagram of the workings of system itself, depicting its cyclic nature.

Through manipulation of cyclic patterns, non-linearity is introduced by the user, shaping the composition over time. Two simple processes are chained together to produce a complex behaviour greater than the sum of its parts: inner circles producing step lengths for the outer circles’ events. Participants are encouraged to engage with the piece by interacting with the touch-plates. Being informed by light and sound, a feedback-loop is created by the users, adding entropy to the system creating unique experiences.


Structure of a System - Video Abstract

An insight into the process involved in making this piece.

Circle Grid Systems

(generative web-based graphic systems)


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