MSA Stage 3 School of Architecture

James Henry Telfer

Baird Brae Horticulture Abbey is the outcome of my Stage 3 studio project which has required me to develop a canal-side “Urban Food Exchange”: a multidisciplinary food production and residential complex. The project has been an opportunity to inject my interests in phenomenological construction and light materiality into a contemporary production facility typology, inspired by my analytical studies of Cistercian monasteries. This line of inquiry saw a marriage of functional and experiential principles that allow for a harmonious co-existence of active and reclusive spaces within one cohesive unit.

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Baird Brae Horticulture Abbey

Baird Brae Horticulture Abbey


Parti Diagram Series: Abbaye du Thoronet

Parti Diagram Series: Context + Massing


Location Axonometric

Perspective Section

Production Cloister

Exchange Hall

Residential Zone + The Corner Library