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Jane Skeer


Jane Skeer graduated from Adelaide Central School of Art in 2015. Her work Quiet Square was part of Hatched: The 2016 National Graduate Exhibition at PICA, Perth.

Skeer has participated in artist residencies and exhibited work Internationally and throughout Australia. Skeer was awarded the 2018 Emerging Visual Artist of the Year at the Adelaide Critics Circle.

In 2019 Skeer’s work True Blue was a finalist in the Churchie National Emerging Art Prize at IMA, Brisbane.

In 2020, Jane Skeer travelled to Kerala, India, on a month-long artist residency with the ACE Open/Kochi Biennale Foundation. On her return, she completed a four-week residency on Kangaroo Island, responding to the Kangaroo Island Bushfires, proudly supported by Country Arts SA and Catherine Murphy, Palace of Production.

Skeer is currently living in Glasgow, studying for a Master of Fine Arts at Glasgow School of Arts as the recipient of the 2022 Anne and Gordon Samstag Scholarship.

In December, Skeer was commissioned to return Australia to re-install her work True Blue at Yarrila Arts and Museum Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.

Skeer recently travelled to Manhattan, New York to exhibit in a nine week program with House of Tyres in an all-women group exhibition Play with form until it has impact.

I must hitch up my girl knickers before it’s too late!

I must hitch up my girl knickers before it’s too late!

Each of us must draw strength from our rage.

I permit myself to speak, and I listen. I regret my years of silence. Approaching sixty, I walk with newfound strength and conviction towards my future. I speak now as a woman, sister, mother, and grandmother who has many lived experiences, both rewarding and painful. I look with pride upon myself, recognising my ability to survive and prosper.

Every woman has a story, and not all stories get told. I write my truths today for visibility and reparation, and I, as Audre Lorde describes, “transfer silence into language and action.”[1]

Writing is now essential to my art practice, linking reflection and making. I look inward to make sense of my life and better understand myself, my place within society and my circumstances. I use my weighty past as the vital ingredient for creative power. In my work I face my vulnerabilities head-on, knowing they will empower and not destroy me. The work I create is a direct response to my autobiographical reality.



[1] Audre Lorde, When I Dare to Be Powerful, 003 edn (Great Britain: Penguin Random House, 2007), p 2.

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