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Jasmine Weeks

The Kailyard: cooking, gardening, and celebrating, as a diverse community

The Kailyard: cooking, gardening, and celebrating, as a diverse community

Following an interest in pollokshields’ green spaces, and a timely diagnosis of adhd, I wanted to create a space that served to potentially ameliorate some adhd symptoms, whilst providing a general space for mental wellbeing and socialising. The proposal aims not to ‘solve’ adhd but to help make some of its symptoms more manageable, both through simplistic non-challenging spaces, and offering the chance to garden, cook, and play outside. The site sits opposite the existing allotments, and the exterior proposes a large productive garden, a greenhouse, park, and outdoor dining. Moving inside the building, the four storey structure houses various types of both teaching and commercial kitchens, a large formal celebratory space, indoor growing spaces, dining areas, and small ‘nook’s where people can relax.

Using ‘chilli con carner’ as inspiration, a cooking programme for young people with adhd, this project seeks to create a public building that offers a place to learn about food, gardening, and provide a hub of respite and socialisation for those in the community. There are both open and closed rooms for cooking lessons, where people can share experiences and ideas in an environment in which they feel comfortable in.

The natural materials are chosen with their calming nature in mind, and accompanied with lots and lots of green space the simple structure aims to help people focus on the task at hand (cooking, eating, chatting, dancing, catching up on homework etc). The arched ceilings of the dining hall on the ground floor and the celebration space on the top floor were added to create a more atmospheric space, without being overstimulating. Wooden slats create a soft, muted brown for the ceiling (a tone beneficial for young children with adhd or other neurodivergences) that makes the space more elegant and interesting; public buildings can make people feel special too!

Site Context: Pollokshields

Sat on the southside of glasgow, pollokshields is a diverse and sociable community. Following a previous project’s research into the history of pollokshields, I became interested in the green spaces in the area. it was interesting looking at the types of green space available (public, private, productive etc) and if and how these were being utilised. learning just how popular the allotments were, and seeing that there were cooking groups advertised I chose to follow this route of green space and productive land. this site offered the space for these aims.

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Urban Building

Ground floor with garden plan

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Urban housing saw to create a space that fulfilled a want in the community for both private green space and more productive green space. This project developed flats of varying sizes, each with a private balcony overlooking the garden. There was a key focus on ‘rooms of agreement’ to ensure relationships between structures created a relationship between people, and between nature.