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Jayden Sinclair

Im Jayden Sinclair and I am an interior designer from London, England. My journey starts from completing an NC in interior design and architecture working my way up to study for my BA (Hons) in interior design

GSA has been a massive learning curve for me in adpating how develop my design process and think more properly and why I make certain choices in my designs. My work takes into consideration of material functionality and social aspect with how people interact with certain objects and activities. I like my work to focus alot on the social aspect of design a long with individuality as I believe there is always some things where people want to be included in everything and also be left alone in peace and comfort.

Sky nightclub/bar

Sky nightclub/bar

For my 4th year project i wanted to introduce a new experience for the nightlife of Glasgow as over the past couple of years the nightlife scene in Glasgow has deteriorated with many places shutting down and not being replaced. “Sky” is a place for all ages with 3 floors and 5 rooms of nightclub atmopsheres to experience with each room being a different genre of music and style of room. I wanted to create a place where everyone is welcome and is not secluded because you would not like the music that is playing as many clubs only play the certain type of music living up to their brand. With the 3 floors, 2 of the floors are specifically used for nightclub experience and one floor being a place of comfort with a lot more going on.

Aswell as a nightclub, Sky offers an entertainment area for live performers including singers, bands, stand up comedy as well as a relaxing bar to accompany the space. I also wanted to include something for the music producers so i have also included a studio space for producers to practice their music for their oncoming set in Sky, make new music and mixes or they simply want to practice on improving their skills.

With the location being sociated in the heart of Glasgow, I want Sky to be a place for everyone that is easily accessible and has more than one purpose to its name. With Sky being no more than 15 minutes away from all types of transport to being as little as 1 minute away from the nearest place to eat afterwards, Sky will have you covered from the start of the day right up until going home.

This is Sky.

basement plan

Ground Floor Plan

1st Floor Plan

Basement- Techno Bar

The bar area in the techno room called "Velocity".

Basment- Techno dancefloor

A visual of the dancefloor in the techno room

Basement- Rap room

Booth seating located in the rap room called "Kushion"

Basement- Rap room

Bar area in the rap room showing a clean marble bar top with the room name "Kushion" in the background

Basement- Nostalgic room dance floor

A visual of the dance floor of the nostalgic room called "Lumion" with its unique ceiling and interactive flooring

section basement

Section of basement floor showing rap room

Ground Floor- VIP area

VIP seating area in the modern room "Domain"

Ground floor- Modern room

The dancefloor area inside the modern room called "Domain" where the DJ booth is infront of the void

Ground floor- Indie bar

Inside the indie room "Pulse" with a visual of the bar area

Ground floor section

Section of the ground floor showing the modern room

1st Floor- Entertainment area

A visual of the 1st floor "Paradise" showing the entertainment area and booth seating

1st floor bar

Visual of the bar area on the 1st floor

1st floor- Studio

The studio located in the 1st floor

1st floor- section

Section of the 1st floor showing the entertainment area