Prize Winner

Bill Naysmith Innovation Award

School of Design Textile Design

Jaz Cox-Salmon


I am a constructed textile designer specialising in knit. I am fascinated by people’s relationship to their homes and belongings. Observing this interaction drives visualisation of the work in an interior setting. My work seeks innovative, ergonomic and sustainable interior solutions. I use 100% deadstock yarns which inspires new thought through its limitations, and importantly, reduces the environmental impact of my work. Technical and material considerations are at the heart of my practice, which ensures a fabric’s longevity. Trial and error is key to my process. Though often frustrating, I have learned to trust the process, finding exhaustive experimentation generally yields the most exciting and pertinent results. I have a particular fondness for colour.

Through The Looking Glass
Collaborative Upholstery Project

Through The Looking Glass

‘Through the looking glass’ is inspired by human interactions with the designed world. Suggestive of the residents behind them, windows provide small insights into an anonymous resident. I have found residential spaces to be intimate and evocative portraits of their inhabitant. Designing for interiors, my concept has heavily influenced the context of my work. I endeavoured to produce a collection of knitted fabrics suitable for contemporary upholstery and home accessories. My process is rooted in reducing the intrinsic stretch of knit using elastic, inlay and felting in combination with techniques such as ripple stripe and holding check. Exploiting the structural and technical qualities possible on 8g Dubied and 14g Stoll machines I have aimed to produce a collection of colourful, graphic outcomes.

Thread wraps based on initial photos

Initial drawings


Observations of colour and shape. Developing motifs and colour pallets.

Thread wraps

Using collages as inspiration for thread wraps.

Collages and thread wraps 1

Drawings and thread wraps 2

Sample Development

Material and technical exploration

Visualisation 1

Visualisation 2

Visualisation 3

Visualisation 4

Collaborative Upholstery Project

This project develops conceptual and material ideas formed in our studio projects, consolidated in the reupholstery of a collection of chairs. United by our interests in geometric and architectural imagery, we combine Jaz’s colourful and graphic knitting with Elsie’s tonal, material-based approaches to fabric embellishment. Sourcing the chairs from an architectural salvage yard and using 100% deadstock yarns and found materials, we sought to give these pieces a new life.

Chair 1

Chair 1

Chair 2

Chair 3

Chair 4

Chair 5

Chair 6

Chair 7