MSA Stage 4 School of Architecture

Jazmine Emmanuel

The design thesis explores the essence of memorable experiential spaces, delving into the significant elements that contribute to a profound sense of place. Drawing inspiration from Peter Zumthor’s methodology of designing for the senses, the study examines the impact of textures, smells, light, sounds, tastes, and colours on the overall spatial experience.

By applying Zumthor’s theory to my personal memories of the Barras from when I was a child, the project aims to extract the personal feelings and experiential journeys that left a lasting impression from the Barras and embody these elements into the architectural form. I zone in on these elements and enhance them bringing intending to revive the lively spirit of the Barras once again to instill a sense of pride within locals and encourage the community to once again rise together! Through strategic zoning and meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the local culture and character through the form and facade of the building fabric.

Through this refined approach, the design seeks to create a captivating and immersive space that resonates with users on a sensory level, fostering a deep and meaningful connection to the place and its unique atmosphere.

Barra’s Coileanadh Centre

Barra’s Coileanadh Centre

The Programme seeks to accommodate the needs of the people of the Barras like it did back then, Providing space for expression, for togetherness and for uplifting one another. Therefore the design accommodates art studios, rehearsal studios, local stall/shop areas, crafting areas and a grand performance hall with each space looking onto the other to enhance inclusivity.

Examining the interplay between structural design, urban context, and human-scale aesthetics, this project seeks to craft a bold, lively, and theatrical structure that embodies the vibrant character of the Barras Market. Contrasting this exuberant architectural expression, the design aims to incorporate intimate pockets of space that provide moments of respite and social connection, echoing the traditional market structures of days gone by.

The envisioned structure aims to evoke a sense of uplifting dynamism while remaining sympathetic to its intended use, balancing the energy of the bustling market with the warmth of human-scale interactions. Through this harmonious blend of architectural drama and inviting, cozy alcoves, the design will cultivate an engaging environment that honors the legacy of the Barras Market while fostering meaningful connections within the contemporary community.