Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 3

Jessica Mitchell (She/her)


The Lynn Scobie Memorial Prize for Architecture


Architecture is a vehicle for empowering communities, providing users with a sense of agency and ownership over the built environment. Within my work, I seek to explore the roles and relationship of locality and context, through user-led design interventions.

As recent a RIBA Part 1 Graduate, I am currently seeking out work opportunities to engage with a dynamic team-orientated practice. My design pedagogy centers primarily around community-based practice as well as the embedded integration of key sustainable principles.



House of Sistema

House of Sistema

The design focuses on the notions of public and private space, the delineation of thresholds within the landscape and built form. Safety and protection are key emotions advocated through the scheme for the students of Sistema, to feel a sense of ownership and agency over spaces. The scheme is divided into collective and individual spaces, providing flexibility and adaptability for users to engage with the spaces.

Community and interaction are at the core of this scheme, the project acts as a place for both relaxation and celebration. The courtyard form seeks to reinforce this notion of embracing nature and safety and seeking to foster connection through the placement and articulation of the buildings. Void and inhabitabited space is a further motif investigated throughout the scheme, the aim of this is to create passive interaction and observance for the user of the scheme, connection is embedded into the nature of these design features.

Sustainability is further fundamental through orientation, placement, form, and materiality, the scheme aims to maximise passive gains and active methods. The form is used and inhabited by occupants creating moments of transition through nature, form, and materiality evocating different moments of use.

Site Axonometric

Locality of Context

Summer Celebration

A Space to Live + Enagage

Parti Diagrams

Guiding rationales

A Space for Celebration

Performance Hall

Perspective Section

Residential Retreat

A Place for Connection

Exterior Perspective

Moments of Transition

Residential to Performance

Sustainable Principles

Technology Strategy

Thresholds of Protection

Individual + Shared Moments