MDes Communication Design School of Design

Jingyi Zeng

I’m Jingyi Zeng, a visual artist from China, currently working with image, film and installation, passionate in exploring emotional experiences. Throughout my study at GSA, I have been experimenting with the mediums of sound, text, etc, to explore the visualisation of senses and to develop narratives.

Through my creative practice I seek to dialogue with the outside world , responding to the widespread phenomenon drawing on my personal situation. Themes that interest me include time and memory, emotion and intimacy, trauma and recovery, sense and nature.




Aquarium is an experimental exploration of a metaphorical visual narrative, where ‘aquarium’ as an entity could indicate a ‘shelter’ or a ‘barrier’. It responds to the impact of feeling mentally overwhelmed, based on my bipolar disorder experience.

The twin screen not only reveals the two poles of spiritual state, but also tells the journey of the inner world and being in the outside world respectively.


I created the word ‘imaginature’ meaning ‘the nature of image’, which is a poetic process of reconstructing memories. When using an auto-correct tool it automatically changes the word to ‘imaginative’, a small ‘mistake’ that alludes to the imaginative space that the image brings along.

Using the skylight as a medium of connecting with the outside world, I visually explain the concept of ‘image as a slice of memory’ in two dimensions, time and content respectively.