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Joanna Rosado (she/her)


Widening Participation Award for Design + Innovation





I believe that design has got power to emphasize everyone’s right to live in a supportive environment which enables personal grow, no matter what age we are at. My years of studies at Edinburgh College and then GSA, helped me to define the values and principles I want to be guided by as an interior designer. As a former therapist and having previous experience in working with socially excluded individuals and groups, I would like my future practice to promote social inclusion and make people’s lives appreciated, celebrated and respected.

We Live

We Live


“The last three years should not feel like a waste of time. It should be a part of your life”.
Matthias Hollwich, architect.

We Live is a project that aims to destigmatize elderly care and older age in general.
Ageing is an unavoidable process, it happens to all of us. Everyone at some point of life will need to deal with the number of challenges that ageing brings. Not everyone is lucky enough to be spending the last years of her/his life at family home. Moving into care facility is often essential. It usually causes an emotional trauma- it affects older per­son’s mental health and is devastating to the family .. We Live was created with the hope that this can change. That such trauma can be avoided, if not, at least, reduced.

We Live is a happy, optimistic place, where life goes in accordance to individuals’ inner rhythm and needs., Everybody feels respected and safe there, independence is supported and promoted. It feels like home, not like hospital. Bedrooms are suitable for couples and single people. Com­munal spaces offer pleasant and vibrant atmosphere. Visi­tors of any age are always welcomed- they are an integral part of residents everyday lives. Colourful, full of light and spacious spaces boost energy. Cafe enables hanging out with friends while having a cuppa and a wee snack. It becomes a dining room during mealtimes. There are small­er and quieter lounges too, they enable relax and rest.
We Live is a good place to work for carers and medical staff- friedly, safe and fully adapted to senior residents needs, this helps in reducing work related stress.
We Live brings the message- that whatever age we are at we deserve to feel respected and equally important members of society.






We Live. The Voices.

Building elevation.
Colours: energetic. playful. friendly. positive. vibrant. cosy.
Interventions are low budget and leave small ecological footprint. Number of materials is limited: Wall paint, Forbo flooring, small areas of beech wood, natural textiles.
I believe that the interiors can influence the quality and length of family and friends visits. This will have an impact on residents' well-being through affecting social interactions. Com­munal spaces offer pleasant and vibrant atmosphere. Visi­tors of any age are always welcomed- they are an integral part of residents everyday lives. Colourful, full of light and spacious spaces boost energy.
Different types of seating- sofas, armchairs and table with chairs help to accommodate various groups of people, allowing celebrations,,such as birthdays, etc.
The ambience of the cafe and the position in which the cafe is situ-ated (at the entrance of the build-ing) creates a type of hub. It is a venue to meet with staff, friends, family. The place creates sense of community. Also, it helps to continue daily activities and routines.
Natural materials and warm colours.
It feels like home, not like hospital.
Bedroom section.
Each bedroom is en suite. There is build in storage and shelving to keep personal belongings. Bedroom is home.
No-step access to an enjoyable floor- level shower is a safe choice for older residents and wheelchair users. Shower area is an integral part of fully accessible bathroom. Shower curtain brings necessary feel of privacy. Grab rails are crucial aspects of bathroom design for older people. Bold colours (yellow,red) make them clearly visible. At the same time instead of being a cause of user stigmatisation, they become an important decorative element.
Corridors are bright due to huge windows. While walking through, one may feeling that is walking outside. For people who are tired by long distance, wide window frames can work as spaces to sit and have some rest.
Project Aims
Staircases with colourful lifts and wall murals become focal points within the building, which is crucial for wayfinding by older residents.
Small lounges are semi-private areas for residents. They are quieter and more inti-mate. Each of them contains of small kitchen unit that enables residents to make their own sandwiches, drinks, snacks. It allows being independent and supports autonomy, providing continuation of home routine. Fireplace creates cosiness.
Small lounge kitchen view.

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