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Joe Duke


My overall theme is inspired by a type of YouTube video called ‘Movies that Made Me’ where an actor looks back through their favourite roles. I chose to look back on my favourite movies that have inspired me over the years. In addition to this, I wanted to make sustainability a big part of my work, so I chose to source and print only onto second-hand garments, in particular unwanted football shirts that are a big problem with overproduction and overconsumption. My vision is to use print to refresh and bring new life to an unloved item of clothing, transforming unloved football shirts into something people will want to wear again.

Movies that made me
Mixed images

Movies that made me

R9 Brazil

England shirt

VDV Tottenham


Tottenham 1991

Umbro Jacket

Argentina Maradona shirt


Happy Gilmore hockey shirt

Fortuna Düsseldorf

England Reversable



England Bellingham shirt

R9 Brazil

Mixed images

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20240511_153403 copy

20240511_152059 copy

20240511_152420 copy

20240511_152713 copy

20240511_153112 copy

20240511_153335 copy

20240511_151805 copy

20240511_152219 copy

20240511_153112 copy