Fine Art Photography School of Fine Art

Josh McNaughton


My work engages in visual storytelling through an exploration of queer sexuality, male form, and the objectification of the body. Through a series of both simple and explicit portraits, that aim to shed light on the paradoxical nature of the presentation of the queer body,. In this exploration, the work navigates the thin line between over-sexualization and comedy, to challenge how queer art can be viewed.

These images are not made just for something visual; they allow me to deconstruct my own thoughts and aid in my understanding regarding sexuality, the body, and my place within a queer identity. Each image serves as a mirror reflecting the complexities of my identity, contributing to the broader conversation on experiences within the realm of queerness.

Informed by artists Robert Mapplethorpe and Miss Meat Face. My work serves as an abstraction, a departure from the norm, while simultaneously parodying the established iconography associated with gay male art. By doing so, I initiate a dialogue surrounding the narratives perpetuated by these visual representations, aiming to dismantle stereotypes and encourage a deeper understanding.