A Tectonic Shift, an innovative building typology responding to the need for a shift in our relationship to food.

Inspired by La lira Theatre from RCR Arquitects, the building is a connecting piece between each edge of the site in the way it addresses the canal and the street. The undisclosed entrance preserves the intimate and peaceful atmosphere of the canal whereas a wide opening that stretches out over the street contrasts with the cityscape.
The project aims to bring production and consumption together spatially by creating an open and fluid space, devoid of partition on the upper floor, in order to reconnect people with their resources.
As visitors pass through the space, they experience the transition from the canal to the street while becoming aware of the need for a transition in consumption patterns and the wider change in society’s food culture.
The project also takes advantage of the nearby community gardens to encourage residents to participate in the life of the neighbourhood and to take responsibility for healthier and more ethical eating.