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Junyi Wang

Hi, I’m Junyi. As a designer, I am deeply passionate about integrating emotional care with design innovation. By focusing on sustainable solutions for both the environment and emotions, I strive to explore how design can strengthen interpersonal connections, facilitate cultural dissemination, and alleviate the pressures of modern life.


Future Experiences– EcoFloat
Self Initiated—Gazeglow

Self Initiated—Gazeglow

Gazeglow is set of products to express long-distance emotional support and silent longing. I am exploring disappearing social relationships: loneliness, disconnection and loss. This disappearance may occur between individuals, or between individuals and their society or family. In the context of “no-relationship” society, loneliness is a difficult challenge, especially for those living alone, far from family and friends. When you live far from family, loved ones, and friends, care, communication, and love become silent across the distance.

Are you experiencing living alone? Do you find yourself sitting at home, missing your relatives and friends? Have you ever gazed at a photo, lost in memories of someone? Gazeglow comes from the world of hyacinths, filled with hope, experiencing happiness and beauty while expressing a lasting longing. We help you materialize love from afar, conveying unspoken care and silent yearnings. We are often shy to express ourselves and always use our eyes to convey a thousand words. Don’t worry, Gazeglow is here to help.

When you feel lonely at home, don’t be afraid. We help deliver the unspoken care and longing. The Gazeglow will capture your gaze and feel your touch. Double-tapping the screen can activate the photo function of the frame. Special note: This set of products needs to be used in pairs.

If you are at home, you can hear the real-time sound when the other person sends a photo. When you receive a light signal indicating their silent longing for you, please look back or touch. We will light up a deep orange light and play music to celebrate this moment for you. If you are outside, place your hand on the vibrating pin, as if feeling a heartbeat. The other person will receive a response as well.

Our photos can be looked back on. Our celebration times can be flipped through. We encourage every moment of mutual concern. In the world of hyacinths, no distance is too far to reach.

Future Experiences– EcoFloat

Group future world

In this project, our group’s topic was ‘Future Living Habitat’, we researched the rights of nature in urban settings, the destruction of natural environments, sewage discharge, ecological restoration, and interactions between humans and non-humans. People live by the water and enjoy the conveniences it brings. Water in the habitat sustains all forms of life closely connected to humans. Therefore, water is an integral part of the habitat, linking all possible life together.

Focusing on Glasgow, the Clyde River is key to the habitat. However, a future crisis looms: if we empower the river and it gets out of control, we must learn to coexist with it.

Individual works

EcoFloat is the floating garden with purification function. In the future, Glasgow is facing a flood crisis, invisible bacteria, microbes, decay and river pollution will seep into the fabric of the city. People are becoming increasingly anxious about the issue of water pollution in habitats. In response to this situation, EcoFloat integrates floating gardens into flooded areas and water ways, featuring water bio-purification. Residents can actively participate in maintaining these gardens, building community resilience while completing the purification process. EcoFloat provides a sustainable community-based solution to alleviate fear and anxiety around the flooding crisis. The matching app will accompany the user on all journeys from purchase to use, including monitoring and maintenance.