Innovation Design Research Prize

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Kamryn Couture (She/Her)

I am passionate about achieving human engagement and connection within my design process. Finding a way to enhance the human experience through design is what made me want to become a designer. My work reflects this, taking the shape of human-centred service design and product touchpoints.

Live, Again.

Live, Again.

Self-Initiated Project

Live, Again. is a service created as a design response to research which states that not only 1 in 4 people living in the UK will be 65 or older by 2041, but the rise for care and support for older people will be at a breaking point.

Live, Again. serves as a solution to how we can change our perspective on the growing population and allow for the stories told by elders to be captured, valued and shared within their circle. Many insights from various sources, such as a workshop with the Craft Café told me that creativity and storytelling go hand in hand. This service allows users to actively engage with their own life stories and give them a reason to want to value what really makes them happy and to capture what truly matters to them.

The user is in control of whom they share these stories with and exactly how they want to tell them. Their loved ones can look back on the “Memory Creating” aspect, which is an output of AI-generated memory movies which not only capture the essence of the stories that were told but also enhance the user’s story-telling experience, making an old story new every time.

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Craft Cafe Workshop

For the craft café workshop, I took forward the work from the first co-design workshop with Charlotte where we had planned the best way to convey a more design-focused workshop to the Craft Café members. I set up 6 mystery feel-er boxes where I asked two questions, “Do your like this box? Why?” and “What does it remind you of?”.

Final Video

User Map

User Testing


The Memory Bracelet

These are individualistic bracelets that can come in many different shapes and colours. Each bead represents a memory that means a great deal to the wearer.

The Memory Recorder

This is a multifunctional device that is designed to look like jewellery, materialised and coloured to fit the taste of the user. The example shown details a model created to the taste of the persona Margo, who loves bright colours and natural materials such as wood. The functions of the device are as follows: The Input – This function allows you to record video and sounds as you journey through your day, collecting fragments of memories in the moments they happen. This can also be used to record stories as they are told, as there is a passive microphone device that can actively collect these voice clips to transfer them to the memory tree. This function is optional and can be turned off and on at any time. The Output – This function allows the user to view and enjoy AI-generated projections created from the material of any selected memory, whether it be selected from beads of the memory bracelet or straight from the Memory Tree’s interface. This can be used as a communication tool to others, or simply as a way to re-visit memories and stories that you have told in the past in a new and fun way.

Margo's User Journey



POLLEN is a future-focused system to help to create a new engagement economy within each community’s SEED.

This project speculated the future of regenerative collaboration within the context of our group’s future world project The SEED. Pollen creates a project and skill-sharing economy that encourages the community to build and innovate for their SEED, using your skills and projects together as a whole to build your community and the people that live within it.

The core of the POLLEN system is the Garden Top, which is a flat circular space where you can display your own “Garden” and connect with others to help feed skills and insights back and forth to other contributing community members. Much like a board room table, the Garden Top is a place where you can negotiate and collaborate, cross-pollinating your expertise, much like bees to flowers.

Picking one “flower” and placing it in the garden of another community member who could use the skills or research required to grow it is equally credited to yourself as it is the receiving community member, making any flower transaction an act of credited contribution. This means that with every flower that grows, it takes the community’s collective work to keep their SEED, creating a regenerative local economy.



Pollen Poster

Context Image - In the seed.

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In the workshop


Will Brown Workshop

Specialised scenario prototyping

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