Painting & Printmaking School of Fine Art

Kate Mcclenaghen (She / Her)

I primarily work as a painter and mixed media artist currently based in Glasgow. My work explores form, structure, colour and texture with the intention of reflecting my physical, emotional and psychological experience of a place or subject. I aim to construct penetrable scenes, environments or ‘scapes’, in which to immerse the viewer. I am trying to relate the experience of moving through that space, allowing the formation of their own narratives emerging from my own. The paintings draw upon a mixture of memory and observation to create the feeling of a combined cityscape, memoryscape and dreamscape. The work focuses on the inanimate, derelict, unnoticed and the not yet fully formed within the Glasgow cityscape. While my process in painting parallels this in its action of doing and undoing, making and unmaking exposing the qualities of something coming into being in its accumulation of material or the evident trace of its removal. The urban landscape forms a physical and psychological space, a space to materialise my relationship with the world around me that I navigate through the action of painting. This has evolved into a real interest in the industrial and architectural elements that make up the Glasgow cityscape and how I can communicate a feeling of place.

Artist Book


199.5 x 180 cm

Enter, Exit

2023, 199.5 x 180 cm, Acrylic on chiffon, acrylic ink, stitch and other found materials on canvas.
For Sale: £1,800
199.5 x 129.5 cm

Window Tax

2023, 199.5 x 129.5 cm, Acrylic and oil sticks, oils, pastels on canvas.
For Sale: £1,500
80 x 80 cm


2022, 80 x 80 cm, acrylic, oil pastels and thread on leather, chiffon and canvas
For Sale: £600
6 x (10 x 10 inches)

Passing Through

2023, 6, 10 x 10 inch mixed media canvases
For Sale: Prices on Request


2023, 16 x 20 inches, acrylic and stitch on canvas
For Sale: £200
12 x 16 inches

Window Above

2023, 12 x 16 inches, acrylic on chiffon.
For Sale: £150


2023, Acrylic on Chiffon, 90 x 90 cm
For Sale: £400

Artist Book

This is an original artist book work (25cm square) which was made along side other works in the studio over the duration of 2022 – 23. The work is all on paper, using a range of mixed materials, such as acrylic, spray paint, pastels, oil sticks, stitch.

Each page is a differnt shape and size, the pages layer up to create compositions which alter and develop as you move through the bookwork. An unfixed collage depicting fragments of memory and experiences of places as you move through it.

Here are a couple images from inside. The book will be exhibited from the 1st – 11th of June at The Glasgow School of Art Degree Show.