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Katie Bate


Stemming from my summer project, Growth. I gathered primary research which held the same theme. After looking back at all my primary research, I noticed a common attribute to my photography was the urban settings which I frequented. Combining these attributes into the one focus created an interesting mix of opposing features.
Drawing from my stimuli, I used a mix of media but gravitating towards spray paint, digital and physical collage, playing with layering.
Within my design and colour research I liked to mix the natural grounding colours with more unnatural, bright colours.

Jacquard Adaptation
Natural Oddities in an Urban Setting

Natural Oddities in an Urban Setting

Selection of woven samples, focusing on colour and layered compositions.

Using both natural and manufactured yarns and seeing how each interact with washing, felting and natural dying.
Series of woven samples which contain 3D like structures were selected as final samples. Contextualised as fashion fabrics, eccentric winter wear was visualised.

Jacquard Adaptation

For my additional portfolio project i focused on transferring the research into a jacquard adaptation for interior fabrics.