School of Design Textile Design

Katie Dickson


My practice explores the relationship between avant-garde cinematic techniques and textiles, both through ideological and sensual aspects. Particular aesthetic inspiration came from 1969 films ‘The Colour of Pomegranates’ by Sergei Parajanov, and ‘Tops’ by Charles & Ray Eames. I have experimented with different methodologies, such as projection as a tool for image-making. Using projection as a way to adorn vessels within the photographs, it is not only a tool, but a texture. My final collection utilises these textures from a tactile, densely embellished position.

Collected buttons have been explored by abstracting their traditional uses and materials; large scale examples have been created from clay, adding a further personal element.

Both films portray a sense of whimsicality that comes with a romantic eeriness and atmosphere; I wish for my collection of textiles to embody this.

Final Samples
Primary Research

Final Samples

coral stripes

purple embellished

stripes with silk era cakes

wool compositions

pleats and bead loom

fringing and beads

large scale tufting with woven pockets

large scale tufting with woven pockets 2

tufting & buttons


final visualisation 1

final visualisation 2

final visualisation 3

collaged visualisation, including still from 'The Colour of Pomegranates' 1969

collaged visualisation 2

collaged visualisation 3

collaged visualisation 4


material compositional drawing

material compositional drawing 2

drawing 1

drawing 2

drawing 3

drawing 4

colour patches

button designs

Primary Research

primary image using projector

compositional set up

primary image using projector 2

primary image using projector 3