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Katie Monteith

Instagram - @katiemonteith_textiles
Geometric ‘Norn Iron’

Geometric ‘Norn Iron’

*n-orr-NŸ arr-N*
An informal and affectionate local nickname used to refer to Northern Ireland.

Influenced  by the urban environment of Northern Ireland (Norn Iron), my final year project is a love letter to the place I call home and a personal reflection of the place I have come from to where I find myself now. Having been heavily inspired by the urban landscapes that surround me in Glasgow over the past few years, I have taken the opportunity to look at home through a new perspective and used this inspiration as a starting point for my design process in my final year. I have explored the creation of geometric shapes and patterns inspired by urban landscapes and man-made structures, taking photographs of these in places in Northern Ireland that were most significant to me growing up, creating fabrics on both dobby and jacquard looms to create a collection of samples which represent who I am as a designer.

Considering responsible design, I have also created a collection of off-loom pieces using surplus textiles waste, including that from my own weaving. These pieces have all been woven fully by hand and aim to reduce textile waste and energy consumption – aiming to make a small difference in the textile industry and play my part in making a more sustainable practice.