Collins Debden Graduate Award prize: Winner

Communication Design School of Design

Katie Smith (She)

My name is Katie Smith, I am an illustrator based in Glasgow

I am an Illustrator whose practice is predominately spent drawing the things that I love. I make work that is colourful, uplifting and fun through a practice of both digital and analogue techniques. In my fourth year at Glasgow School of Art I’ve focused on narrative, as well as pottery and 3d work.


Christmas at Rogano 3D work
Cask 88 x Katie Smith Illustration
Christmas at Rogano

Christmas at Rogano 3D work

To accompany my book I have made a series of 12 hand painted plates and two vases from the kiln. As well as a mix of hand made 3d pieces.

Lobster plate

Shrimp plate

Mixed plate designs

Jelly on a plate

Champagne plate

Mixed plates

Trout plate

Best shoes plate

Lobster Christmas cracker

Rogano Christmas Decorations

Hand drawn gloves

Cask 88 x Katie Smith Illustration

This year I had the pleasure of working with cask 88 to create an illustration that will go onto a limited edition whisky bottle in collaboration with Glasgow School of Art. The design is based on the ‘roaring twenties’, both in 1920 and the current decade, highlighting links between them. Cask 88 really care about protecting wildlife and species and the eco friendly work that goes on behind the scenes when making whiskies. So we made a design that encapsulates this. There are many plants in the UK that are threatened by manmade changes to our ecosystem and so included in the design are species that are almost extinct. The people in the Illustration are all artists to highlight the Glasgow School of Art, with the infamous Mackintosh windows as a backdrop.

The fruits and ingredients on the table are from the tasting notes of the whisky. I also wanted this design to feel really punchy, fun and decadent. After a tumultuous start to 2020, people are now wanting to spend more time together and these times are cherished. I wanted to make an Illustration that feels joyous and a look forward to the future.

Cask 88 Bottle Illustration

Christmas at Rogano

This year I’ve focused on narrative. My book ‘Christmas at Rogano’, explores an imagined past, present and future. Every year my sister and I have Lobster and Chips on Christmas Eve at Glasgow’s most loved restaurant- Rogano. Since the restaurant closed in 2020, I want to play homage to the restaurants history and explore the idea of who me and my sister would be if we had lived in each decade the Rogano was open. From 1930-2030, my twelve-chapter book interweaves themes of class, society, and friendship. The book explores Glasgow’s rich history and a love for tradition.


Inside Book Endpapers

Gallery of Modern Art at Christmas

Chapter 1- Getting Ready

Chapter 2- Bridgeton Billy Boys

Chapter 3- Bar in 1940

Chapter 4- Escorted to table in 1950

Chapter 5 Opening spread

Chapter 7- Lobsters

Chapter 9- 2010 snow blizzard

Chapter 11- 2020 meeting Rod Stewart in the Blue Lagoon

Chapter 12- Robots replace Waiters

Menu- contents page

Postcard design

Champagne glasses spilled

George Square at Christmas

Retro and new Christmas baubles endpapers