Prize Winner

RSA New Contemporaries

School of Fine Art Sculpture & Environmental Art

Keir Chaggar-Brown


Exploring the void of digital representations of memories collaged together into a dream. Contemplation while exploring, the nature of Travel. Innately familiar places visited in beautiful ways, collided into other memories and dreams. My work aims to make the viewer question the reality / physicality of the work in front of them, drifting from abstraction to the glimpses of reality. I share and build in a thriving community of free art and tools. I am self-taught digital impressionist video artist specialising in Blender and photogrammetry focusing on mindfulness in immersive dream scapes and showcasing work through YouTube and exhibitions. Point clouds themselves have an innate impressionistic aesthetic. I use point clouds to create environments designed for exploration; a topic integral to my work. Exploration as a form of narrative. Allowing audiences to see things from a new perspective or showing them something novel is a key part of my practice. Having a plastic perspective is healthy, seeing things differently can be enlightening as well as feeding back into a mindful practice. Video games influence my work as they are a deep exploration of environmental storytelling, using the environment itself to tell the story rather than any character. Also the culture and experience of video games has coloured my experience of the world. It is another language that I use. My art is made for people who play video games. The Void is the environment for my work, the empty, colourless, expanse of nothingness. This comes from video game out of bounds (Glitching or hacking your way outside of the intended play area), the mind and imagination, death, existentialism, the space between stars. The void is a innately human place, one where we are often confronted with our minds. A place for meditation. Another space that my work often confronts is that of liminal spaces. Open-source software and mentality effects how I operate as an artist as I restrict myself from using paid software, inaccessible for the masses. I believe in the democratization of art as something we can share. Additionally, memories, are core to my work and the new direction my work has taken, I can only show my memories and try explore these themes through my own existence.


ruin Exhibition