Interior Design School of Design

Kelsey Wood

I am passionate about our collective responsibility as designers to make the world a greater place to exist. I believe in creating spaces that nurture and enlighten future generations. My final project combines my desire to educate with my personal experience in hospitality to create a space that not only advocates for a better quality of life for locals and small business owners, but aims to carve a stronger future for generations to come.

Vista Project: Concept
Vista: Learning Areas
Vista Project: Public Areas

Vista Project: Concept

The Vista project brings new learning environments to local neighbourhoods, creating pathways to employment within the hospitality sector. Each Vista venue offers a range of educational settings, providing training and hands-on experience for those in, or those who wish to take a step into the hospitality industry.

Vista provides a support structure of active learning through live-action environments, led by seasoned professionals. Using real life scenarios and working within a team, visibility in learning is at the core of the project.

Whether it is a career as a chef, barista, bar tender, sommelier, event caterer or restaurant server, the Vista project offers state of the art learning studios, paving the way to a better future for our communities.

The new site at Govanhill Picture House in Glasgow is home to a chef academy, barista laboratory, liquid learning bar and a computer studio offering certifications related to the hospitality industry.

Students within the project put their learned skills to use in real life situations through an ever-changing rota of events and restaurant settings. Serving customers in real time with the full support of tutors provides valuable, confidence-building experience in high-pressure situations.

A huge range of activities take place within the venue and run on an interconnected timetable with students and public users crossing over throughout the venue.

Vista: Learning Areas

Each learning space is created with visibility in mind, particularly glazed walls, to encourage this ethos. The space is open and welcoming to students in all learning spaces, reinforcing the support provided by tutors and the team.

Learning areas and public spaces intertwine throughout the project to allow for functional service. These images relate to training areas within the school.

Vista Project: Public Areas

The core public uses of the space allow the students to practice their learned skills in real life through an on-site cafe and adjustable events space.

The cafe is open to the public all day and offers a lunch menu and cake selection all prepared by the students in the chef academy. The barista school is contained within the cafe in a glazed room and allows guests to take a look in as they learn.

The events hall is open during scheduled events and houses the bar academy, which operates as a public bar during these times. The events hall can be booked by the public for their own private events, this space offers a whole range of options due to the size and adaptability.

The computer studio on site hosts regular events for public attendance such as community language classes, CV writing and other employability skills that supports the growth of the local area.