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Kirsten Mitchell

I am a product design engineer from Glasgow, who loves all things design and technology. I have a passion for creating solutions to everyday problems and love to talk to people to hear their needs as well as finding flaws within products today. By using both my design and engineering skills, I can create solutions that suit people’s needs, not only aesthetically but with the necessary technology to go along with it. For my final year project, I have been looking into a more reliable lighting solution for the use during power outages.

Recently, I have been working on my final year project and through investigations, I found a lot of the elderly feel very vulnerable during power cuts, with them worrying about falling around their home in the dark. That’s why I created The Genie LED.

The Genie LED

The Genie LED

A huge problem for the older generation is their safety during power outages within their homes. Majority are scared of falling and tripping while navigating around their home when suddenly flung into complete darkness.

The Genie LED is a 2 in 1 portable, rechargeable light source for the use within homes. It has two functions, one that can be used as an ordinary table lamp, where you can add your own shade onto the base, complying to the standard E27 shade fitting. It also has an automatic illumination of an LED as soon as there is no power, which means you are never flung into darkness again or stumbling around for a torch! This allows for it to be used as a hand held portable device for up to nine hours during power-cuts by removing the shade to become like a ‘torch’ which can help to navigate around the home, lighting up areas in front of you.

The Genie LED