Prize Winner

Incorporation of Tailors Prize

Fashion Design School of Design

Kyra Saint-Clair


Whitby’s Folly

An ode to my mother. Without her there would be no Whitby’s Folly.

The equestrian world is steeped in misogyny and gender norms with the most notable example being the side saddle skirt: designed in response to women only being permitted to ride side saddle in order to protect their precious virginity and modesty. ‘Whitby’s Folly’ subverts equestrian traditions by using a tongue in cheek political humour derived from the world of burlesque.

Final collection
Graduate Collection

Graduate Collection

Sketchbook page

Toiles of riding jacket, jodhpurs, horse bit bra and garter belt

Riding skirt

Riding skirt and waist coat initial toiles + historical riding skirt research

Horse bit garter and bra

Front closing tweed bra with horse bit back and front closing garter belt with horse bit back

show day!

waistcoat and riding skirt

show day!

Look 1

Duchess satin riding skirt with pleated front and tweed corseted waistcoat and rosette nipple covers

Look 2

Riding jacket and jodhpurs inspired by traditional hunting jackets with horse bit bra and garter underneath

Look 3

Rosette inspired corset with drop down cups paired with draped tweed and satin skirt with horse bit skirt hold up

Look 4

Traditional style riding skirt with laced cut out back, paired with tweed under bust and rosette nipple covers

Look 5

Rosette corset with shades of red duchess satin paired with tweed underwear

Horse bit skirt

Drop down corset and horse bit drape skirt toile and sketch

Drop down corset

Testing drop down corset cups

Fabric board

Fabric and colour board, selection inspired by traditional equestrian fabrics and the red colour palette taken from the tradition of red rosettes representing first place in the horse riding world

Horse bit toile

Draping with different styles of horse bits and looking at placement