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Langzi Peng


Langzi Peng

Glasgow School Of Art

Interior Design BA (Horns) 2020-2024

Alexander thomson museum

Alexander thomson museum

In this project, I undertook the challenging task of transforming an abandoned church into a museum dedicated to Alexander Thomson. The church, a work of Thomson himself, offered a unique starting point with its historical and architectural significance. My design aimed not just to honor the great architect but also to revitalize the space as a community hub, drawing visitors to explore. To achieve this, the museum was carefully planned to serve both social and educational purposes. Beyond exhibiting Thomson’s works and life, the space includes a café and gallery, designed to provide convenience to the local community. While savoring delicacies, visitors can immerse themselves in Thomson’s contributions and design philosophy. Moreover, the museum houses studios aimed at becoming a gathering place for design students and young designers to discuss projects and exchange ideas. Creative spaces equipped with a woodworking shop and 3D printing facilities offer invaluable resources to the target audience and residents of the Gorbals area, a less affluent part of town. Through this project, I hoped to positively impact the community, sparking creativity and a desire to learn among the residents. By converting the deserted church into a vibrant public space, this project pays homage to Alexander Thomson’s legacy while bringing new life and possibilities to the community.

Section plan


Exhibition Hall entrance