Prize Winner

RSA New Contemporaries

Painting & Printmaking School of Fine Art

Lara Juneman


I work with media that enhances or creates texture, for example, wood board, unprimed canvas, newsprint and oil pastel. I enjoy using these materials as there is already an element of texture, and influences the kind of marks that are made. For example, oil pastels have a lot of resistance to them, and have a childlike sense to them. My work explores concepts of materiality a lot, as I like to demonstrate these materials at their face value. I feel like I do have a strong connection to certain materials for the way, it can bring up memories and associations just by seeing them, and it can have an effect on anyone who sees my work as well.

My process in the work includes drawing into the negative space and reworking drawings, as well as drawing from projections, which explore the ideas of formalism. I enjoy the process of drawing and painting, mentally, and it is a very therapeutic action for me, building the layers that go into my art, and how meticulous adding details are. The process is a large part of my work, conceptually, as I have gone through many different stages of abstracting to reach the end point. I feel like I understand the work. It is important to be aware of the process.


My mixed media approach feels unconventional, as traditional arts have rules about what you should put with what, and how you can use materials, however in my art I feel like I try to overcome this, and let my experimentation take over.

My work takes on ideas of craft, by the emphasis of experiencing  tools and materials in my process and how this is the motivation of how I work. The constant repetition of observation and mimicking marks that have already been made.


My  intention for my work is for people to stop what they are doing and want to get closer to the art and experience it physically. I want people to become intrigued by my art and for there to be a lot left unknown.