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Laura Hoya Alonso De Linaje

(she/ her )
The Last Dance by Laura Hoya Alonso de Linaje

Sport is an essential part of my everyday life.

Playing basketball, running, working out at the gym have contributed to making me stronger, more resilient and ambitious. Teamwork and community are at the centre of my enjoyment and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

My collection is inspired by how my community dresses, how standardised sportswear fits, or doesn’t fit their bodies and imagining how I can create garments that celebrate  the female form and elevate confidence for any situation:

-Combining both fitted and voluminous pieces, to enable flexibility, comfort and manifesting a positive attitude.

-Expanding options for colour, shape and styling to inspire, excite and reinvent sportswear.

´Last Dance´ encapsulates the spirit of the strong females that surround and inspire me, offering unique garments which combine with each other and with everyday items to create a strong, modern style and giving a possibility of comfort through the day.

The Last Dance
The Last Dance (Portfolio)
IBIZA – Industry Project: Barrie x Loewe
IBIZA – Barrie x Loewe (portfolio)
The Last Dance by Laura Hoya Alonso de Linaje

The Last Dance

Photographer: Diego Hoya Alonso de Linaje.

Models: Natalia González, Eunice Okeyelele.

Director, Designer: Laura Hoya Alonso de Linaje.

IBIZA – Industry Project: Barrie x Loewe