MSA Stage 3 School of Architecture

Lauren Jackson (she/her)

My name is Lauren Jackson, and I am a third-year student at the Mackintosh School of Architecture. I am currently seeking a part 1 placement and am eager to begin working in the professional world and develop my skills. My fundamental goal is to create spaces that promote mental and physical wellness for visitors and occupants when designing. I aim to achieve serene environments through light, acoustics and ventilation. I also aim to create sustainable designs and embrace the site and context. My third-year project, “Energy, Landscape and Culture, the Urban Food Exchange”, allowed me to explore these goals. I look forward to continuing my journey throughout my placement and beyond.

Energy, Landscape and Culture, the Urban Food Exchange
Interact, The Vertical Farm

Energy, Landscape and Culture, the Urban Food Exchange

The UFEX hub is situated in the Maryhill area of Glasgow. Located on land that previously contained chemical works, the project aims to create a fresh, green environment focusing on sustainability and using a sustainable and local growing system to promote mental health and well-being among residents and visitors. The building consists of two separate wings, and the Hub is and the house. The horseshoe shape of the building creates a courtyard sheltered from prevailing winds. The building is surrounded by allotments used both for the UFEX system within the building and by locals alike. Providing a hub for growing and cooking from scratch promotes health among locals and students alike. The project also boasts a large assembly area used for local events such as markets and charity fundraisers. The orientation of the building mirrors the opposite canal basin. The stepped formation matches the land’s topography and creates a journey from the flats to the canal and vice versa. The journey acts as a link to the transportation system, which is iconic to Glasgow’s history and the modern-day community of Maryhill. Many visitors pass by the site and are invited to take a short break and relax within the assembly and courtyard areas.

Site plan 1.1000

Project Inspiration


Site in context

View from basin


Ground Floor Plan

1st Floor

-1 Floor

-2 floor

Sections 1.100

Elevation and Section 1.100


Renders and Courtyard


Hub renders

Interact, The Vertical Farm

A collaborative project between architects, engineers and quantity surveyors to create a vertical farm within the currently abandoned temple Gasworks.


Site Analysis