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Amphibious Living

Balloch Residential Music Reatreat for SISTEMA Scotland. Retreat as a concept is unsustainable. The building will only be occupied for a limited time. The temporary and adaptable nature of the scheme should be reflected in the architecture and embraced for the opportunities it poses. There is an existing boat culture at the site and these water objects being temporal, retain a grounding in Balloch's community and town. They belong yet they can depart. Imagining the building as something temporal, something that passes through the public space, something that recognises the memory of movement and journey embedded in the site. Something low tech, movable and easily deconstructed. As the climate crisis escalates, the need for buidlings to adapt to water level change rather that fight against it is only increasing.

Detailed Section

The strategy for the environmental design of this musical residential retreat is low tech, using passive systems, local materials with low embodied energy and utilising the unique location of floating on the River Leven. Floatation is enabled due to a steel tubular pontoon and the building is accessed by a series of decked walkways between mainland and island in the centre of Balloch town.