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Lola Clementine Roney



I’ve had the pleasure of studying at Parsons Paris and The Glasgow School of Art where I’ve come to value the relationship between traditional craftsmanship and innovation and how, our design choices can positively impact the spaces we take up within our communities. My work relies on physical connection for it’s development; texture, shape, and movement are investigated in my immediate surroundings to inform larger abstract ideas. I create explosive shapes, vibrant prints and textile manipulations keeping in mind the technical sewing and finishing that will elevate abstract ideas into functional and long lasting garments. Thus allowing for the wearer to live in these pieces far into the future. Many of my designs rely on the use of second hand materials. These materials can inspire new ideas while being more environmentally conscious.

Through working for theater productions at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and for different brands in various sectors of the industry, my design process has developed a strong element of storytelling. We can create a positive impacts within our communities and environments through the narratives that we contribute to. My time at GSA has greatly contributed to my larger understanding of how this can be done in different areas of the industry.

What we make does not exist in a vacuum and the life of the garment does not end with its construction. Developing ways to maintain and repair garments demonstrates to the wearer and the viewer that what we wear and how we wear it are equally important.



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Life is A Carnival

Life is A Carnival

Life Is Carnival is an exploration of varying perceptions of life. Humans can inhibit the same place but experience it with unique emotions and movements throughout that space. How do our previous experiences in life change how we continue to experience? Are we more jaded? Nostalgic? What naivety remains? Through this collection, the ways in which different perceptions coexist and interact will be interrogated. Where are the crossovers? These perceptions create rhythm and harmony. Who we have been relates to who we are– as individuals and as a community.

The usage of repurposed materials adds another perception to the garments constructed. Everything has a history and everything can have a present and future. The past lives that exist in disregarded items can further inform and enhance new ideas. We are responsible for what has already been made; we can’t disregard things. We must recreate and be inspired by what already exists. Coexisting with the old and the new. Things melt together and create rich ideas inspired by what already is.