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Throughout my journey as a design student, my practice has revolved around curating dynamic artefacts and immersive experiences that aim to bring awareness to existing as well as potential upcoming social issues. I place importance on the value of gaining a range of diverse perspectives during the design process and encourage users, stakeholders and participants to contribute to my outcomes within inclusive and safe environments.

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Future-Working Heritage: Bioscape
Future Experiences: Interspecies Incorporated
Self-Initiated: Natal Nurture

Future-Working Heritage: Bioscape

In 2034, land borders will no longer be defined by humans. Instead, we will live and work within constantly evolving bioregions. The decisions we make will be determined by the natural systems that we live in to ensure that all species are accounted for.

Bioscape will work in conjunction with Glasgow City Council in order to implement natural borders in Glasgow. This grants ecosystems the freedom to be defined by the characteristics of the land and the components of nature that exist within them.

To achieve this, we are enlisting the help of the general public to take responsibility and play a role within our new bioregional city. Each of our projects will promote different ways that people can contribute to improving biodiversity as part of the day-to-day working life.

Our exhibition encourages participants to imagine the environmental changes that would emerge in the near future and the wider impacts on entire ecosystems. Bioscape recognises that there is no perfect balance and as such aids Glasgow in adapting to the dynamic systems of the natural world.

Glasgow Bioregion Map

This video depicts a map of Glasgow's natural landscape that is constantly evolving and adapting over the course of 10 years (now-2034).

Work In Progress Show at the Advanced Research Centre (ARC)

Bioscape Exhibition Entrance

Bioscape Timeline


Group Brainstorming

Mind-Mapping Our Imagined Future World

Future-Working Heritage Group Photo

Future Experiences: Interspecies Incorporated

Interspecies Incorporated is a company that facilitates the collaboration between human and non-human employees both within a shared multispecies workplace and through a digital CV building platform. The company provides a unique set of roles to a diverse range of species, all with the purpose of promoting a work ethic that is beneficial to every aspect of nature on our planet.

Interspecies Incorporated Poster

Experiences and Interactions

Interspecies Incorporated Building

Multispecies Workplace

Interspecies Incorporated Employees

Team of Different Species

Future World Context Storyboard

Context of Interspecies Incorporated and the User Journeys

Full User Journey Map

This map consists of 2 human user journeys (pro/anti-work from home) and 1 non-human user journey (ant).

Physical User Journey Map

CV Building Platform Interface

Self-Initiated: Natal Nurture

References to mental health conditions and associated symptoms such as body dysphoria and intrusive thought patterns.

Natal Nurture is a mental health service for expectant, new and experienced parents alike facing common issues with their identity, adapting to a new level of responsibility and various other worries and doubts. The service aims to provide support and guidance through the Journey Kit and the Mental Health Review Platform.

The Journey Kit encourages parents to collect memories and experiences from their perspective whilst also acting as a journal for writing down their true thoughts and feelings throughout the perinatal period. The purpose of this kit is to be used as a reflective tool for parents to evaluate their mental wellbeing as well as appreciate the positive progress they have made since the beginning of the pregnancy.

The Mental Health Review Platform provides many features including an anonymous chat that allows parents to discover the stories of others who have struggled with similar problems. Parents are able to share their experiences to gain support as well as support others in order to provide one another with perinatal empowerment.

Natal Nurture Journey Kit and Mental Health Review Platform

Product Overview

Natal Nurture Poster

Moments of Use

Journey Kit Storyboard

Single Mother and Midwife

Mental Health Review Platform Storyboard

Expectant Father and Experienced Father

Research Analysis

Design Insights and Opportunities

Materialising to Engage

Stakeholder Location Mapping


I conducted the co-design with expectant mothers and experienced mothers alike.

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