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Marcus Allan


As a designer I’m drawn to social and service design, where I like to look that bit deeper into issues that affect our daily lives, understanding how the person thinks and how the world moves around them. I seek value in using my design capabilities to challenge people’s perceptions and behaviours to propose fairer and inclusive opportunities for all.

BLOOM – Govan Algal Weaving
Beyond Bars

BLOOM – Govan Algal Weaving

In the future of 2033, Glasgow decided to rewild the River Clyde, for the greater environmental good. However, it brought about drastic complications which caused certain areas around the river to experience severe flooding. Deprived areas such as Govan received the brunt of the negative impact by being situated in a higher risk flood zone, where a build-up of flood waste sparked harmful algae growth.
‘BLOOM’ saw this as an opportunity to enable Govan to flourish through implementation of their transferable ‘doughnut’ economic model, by repurposing this new algae asset into weaving materials. The revival of Govan’s past weaving and textile industry means that the local Govan community can implement their skills once again but this time to produce high quality woven algae products which are later sold through the ‘BLOOM’ app. Over time with the community’s assistance and the customers support and charitable purchases from the range of customizable products, Govan’s waters can be cleared of harmful algae. The funds raised go back into the community to further improve their production and efficiency and restore Govan as a landmark of valuable industry and productivity, strengthening the communities connection to the river once again.

Poster Image

Wide range of possible fabrics and items being packaged

Service Map

Displays the interactions between the govan residents, the service and the customer.

Bloom App

Facilitates customisation and purchasing of a large range of algae goods, individual and collective progress on Govan's clean up and ways for all members to help out.

Yarn Packaging

Display the algae percentage and impact.

Beyond Bars

‘Beyond bars’ is a community initiative put in place to take some pressure off the prison service and tackle Scotland’s high recidivism rates of people serving short term sentences. This is understood to be brought about by complications in the individual’s reintegration into society after imprisonment due to social and systemic barriers making them more vulnerable than what they entered prison. A lack of stability and stigmatisation can lead to loss of identity, negatively affecting self-image and the ability to move forward, promoting the likelihood of substance usage or resorting to past coping mechanisms.
It is designed to be a support network which establishes meaningful pro social connections from the moment people are released. Members of the network are motivated, with support along the way, to question who their ‘Desired self’ can be and how to create a path that takes into account their individual needs and interests as a foundation to build upon.
Local businesses/ organisations that sign up to the ‘Beyond Bars’ network can be matched with an individual whose interests, skills and motivations best suit their organisation or companies ethos. This creates greater compatibility through a common language and the sharing of skills. Participation in the scheme helps individuals to establish structure and discipline in their lives, recognising their contribution to the community. It brings value to themselves and others and can greatly improve their chance of refraining from crime whilst reaching their true potential.

Booklets open

Pages from the individuals 'Guide to a changed life' and the 'Manual for employers, organisers and mentors'

Phone close up

Simple skill and interest selection screen for phone application

Journey Map

Walk through of an individual from the point of release to a better reintegration back to society. Incorporates quotes of lived experience.

Community window display

Members of community can display the badge to show support and make it easy for people exiting prison to notice.

Beyond Bars App

The individual can also get the app which recommends more specific partners and activities based on their needs, skills and location alongside on the go advice, reminders and goal setting.

Digital flipbooks of guide and manual The individual will receive the guide the moment of their release and acts as the starting point for self reflection and more whilst containing local contacts. Whereas the communities manual offers ways on how to change their environment and attitudes to welcome and support these individuals.