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Margarida Sabino

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I’m an exchange student from Portugal and enthusiastic about new approaches to design. As I move further into the discipline I’ve come to like an approach that is meant to better the services that we use everyday, all the while considering detailed contexts and flows of living.


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The Plan.o Experience
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The Plan.o Experience

According to a 2019 UN study, in Europe and Northern America, the pill and male condom are the most commonly used contraception methods. Worldwide, the picture differs and female sterilisation is the most common form of contraception. This difference is representative of an important insight: politics, religion, and education systems are some of the factors that impact how you use and perceive contraception. Now, whilst projecting something that reforms education systems worldwide seems pretty unattainable, we can think about how information is made available to those who need it.

A high volume of research and open conversations with young adults brought valuable insights to the table, helping me understand some key issues regarding contraception: lack of knowledge, high stigma, and not enough support.

The plan.o service comes up as a means to guide us through the beautiful world of contraception. Its goal is to celebrate contraception as something that is there for us, by creating safe spaces to talk about it.

The service can be implemented in any public/private space following the brand’s playbook, which explain the project’s main ingredients: small contraception boxes, big contraception models and trained clinicians. The plan.o bus comprises all of these and is meant to travel around providing guidance to young adults and making information clear, accessible and truly like it is.




Plan.o Bus

Plan.o Promo

A promotional video that embodies the brand's values (and is also fun).

Bus Floor Plan

The bus is divided into three layers of privacy. 1) The supermarket: tangible information. Grab any small contraception products and take them home with you; 2) The exhibition: have a chance to admire how beautiful contraception truly is! 3) The advice: take the time to ask any questions you have to the practitioner that will be there.

The First Layer

Recreating a supermarket corner but with contraception boxes filled with information.

Playbook Prototype

Plan.o Brand Playbook

The plan.o service can be implemented in any public/private space. Following the service’s playbook, and using the right ingredients, anyone can make a plan.o corner in any supermarket, pharmacy, or even the pub’s bathroom!

User Journey

The Second Layer

Where you can see life-sized models of contraceptive methods. This scene is meant to envelop you in a moment of reflection.

The Second Layer

The Third Layer

Advice with a clinician.

Plan.o Video

A video on the brand's values and experience.

Plan.o Website

Knowing where to find the service (be it the plan.o bus or other existing corners) gives the user the freedom to choose how to reach it, and whether to go alone or with friends. The website also provides relevant news on contraception and sexual health, an explanation of the service, and useful contacts.