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Matilda Reid


Matilda Reid (b.2002) is an artist from Belfast, who lives and works in Glasgow. Intimate yet distant, Reid’s work is always an attempt to communicate and withold. Interested in the camera’s position as a mediator between the inside and outside/real and unreal, Reid pushes to address photographic veracity and the confines of physical expression.   Whether working with found photographic material or shooting her own, Reid’s work revolves around gathering, interpreting and re-contextualising images to interrogate meaning.

[ Other Openings ] and [ Indistinct Rituals ]

[ Other Openings ] and [ Indistinct Rituals ]


From different yet intimate positions, [Other Openings] and [Indistinct Rituals] navigate the unspoken, the unseen, and the delicate line between the private and the public.


Other Openings

9 screenprints on glass, 6 screenprints on steel and 2 steel etching plates

…It’s late. Somebody on a motorbike speeds past a gas station. In another place, a person pulls down their blinds…

Other Openings is a series of artworks using images taken through the windows of online porn sites. Looking past the main event to a new kind of drama, this series is an attempt at looking somewhere else. Often vacant, situated in cities, and viewed from above, the spaces in these artworks explore the public through the private, creating a study of pornographic topography.











Indistinct Rituals

video, 2 monitors, colour, silent, chair between

Through a study of hands, this work uncovers the hidden nuances and unspoken rhythms that binds friends, lovers, and partners. What can be heard when conversations become silent? What secrets can be gleaned from a body with no tongue? By observing as a third party, the viewer becomes a part of the intimate exchange, or where they always part of it?

These interactions have occurred in English, though for some participants, it is not their native language.

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