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Miles Wiltshire

Spiers Warf Urban Food Exchange

Spiers Warf Urban Food Exchange

Spiers Warf urban food exchange is thought of as a residential institution for nutritional, agricultural and horticultural learning, production, and exchange, a place where hand and spirit are placed in creative collaboration, with the long term goal of sustainable urban food production and distribution for the city’s nutritional needs. The ground floor of the UFEx contains an entrance hall in which the public are guided to reception and stairs leading to the public exchange. the exchange includes a market, food tasting and lecture space, all food sold is made in the UFEx and hopes to highlight the range of courses available in the semi public ground floor.

Up to 15 people, such as participants and teaching staff, can be accommodated for the duration of their engagement. Whether a single person, a couple, a family, or a group of friends, the nature and arrangement of the domestic realm of the UFEx.

Perspective Section

Worms eye

Garden View

Site Plan

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan

Fourth Floor Plan

public kitchen render

Parts Study


private kitchen


hallway entrance final