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Millie Wood

Materialising Memories

Materialising Memories

This project is driven by my fascination with memory and materiality, aiming to capture and document memories through my creative process. This collection showcases how memory and materiality shape our experiences and perceptions. Centring on these themes, I strive to craft interior/exterior textiles that are visually striking and emotionally evoking.

My focus on vibrant forms stems from personal photographs of landscapes, particularly those from my travels to the Amalfi Coast. These memories are translated into visual research, capturing the architecture and beach scenes that hold personal significance to me.

Exploring unwanted materials, such as wood, led me to develop unique three-dimensional drawings. This approach influenced my technical process, allowing me to embrace the imperfections of surplus materials and transform them into textile pieces. By integrating wood, laser cutting, and thread techniques, I’ve pushed the boundaries of embroidery within my practice.

Utilising a combination of various techniques and responsible design choices, I’ve curated a collection of one-off pieces suitable for both surfaces and environments. Some pieces designed to be movable, encouraging tactile interaction, while others crafted to leave a lasting visual impact, offering viewers a sensory experience when engaging with my collection.