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Mio Ciara Nevin

As a designer, I prioritize ethical, sustainable design, cultural influences, and human-centricity. My creative approach involves observing the intricacies of human nature while crafting meaningful designs that resonate with individuals, enhance their experiences, and contribute to a more equitable and environmentally conscious world. I have a keen interest in civic and social design, recognizing the potential for design to drive positive change within communities and address pressing social issues. I aim to create innovative solutions that promote inclusivity, social justice, and sustainable practices, ultimately making a difference in people’s lives and the broader society.

Future Experiences: Routes Education System
Tactical Tourism; the cultural crash-course

Future Experiences: Routes Education System

Routes education system is a regenerative school in response to the current outdated school curriculum, recognizing the need for a re-evaluation of values in teaching in the current climate crisis. To effectively communicate this vision, I designed an Open Day event for the education system. The primary objective of this system is to establish exemplary roles in global citizenship, and the Open Day specifically caters to individuals who are members of the Global Pangaean
Exchange network (See ‘Global Citizenship’) Routes Education represents a practical and naturalistic approach to teaching, with the intention of nurturing future generations to assume responsibility for our planet. We highly value experiential learning as a means to comprehend the significance of instilling regenerative thinking from an early age. The goal is to assist children in constructing mental models that foster a broader awareness of the world beyond their immediate surroundings. We actively promote performance-based skills, such as applied problem-solving and the application of regenerative
information and skills.
Routes operate in various locations across multiple countries, offering the opportunity for any New Pangaean Global Citizen to enroll their children. The school is staffed by current or retired members of the Pangaean Network, ensuring a guided educational experience that aligns with our principles and objectives.

Biomaterial toys

finalwipstoryboard updated

Digital embroidered school emblem

"Prepare for the future Today"

Tactical Tourism; the cultural crash-course

With my main topic of interest being social design, I was drawn to exploring communications and language. Whilst social globalisation continues to increase in the ever-changing world, lan­guage is a  principle that will never die. This means that linguistic barriers will become more common across social, economic, political and technological instances.

Throughout my project research, I was fixated on the fact that one method of overcoming language barriers is to understand the culture of a place and the ability of children to communicate and connect through play before the use of verbal language. I focused on Japanese culture to create the first edition of ‘Tactical Tourism’, the cultural learning crash course. The board game takes the player on an adventure through important aspects of Japanese culture in order to prepare users for any culture shocks and create awareness for mutual respect.  Inside the boxes are the components of the game that also act as different are three different learning tools.

Learning Tool #2

TACTICAL CHOPSTICKS Indented chopsticks to indicate how to hold them properly.

Learning tool #3

SENSU (Folding fan) that reveals Japanese characters followed by it’s translation



Magnetic shoes in order to take them off before playing.
Write the character on one cup, and the translation on the opposite cup with whiteboard marker.

Beginner & advanced

Learning Tool #1



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Experience Film