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Morgan Ripley

As an Interior Designer, my focus in the field is the Hospitality Industry. For my final year project, I wanted to create one of these spaces. After working in Hospitality myself, I know that a lot of the designs mainly focus on the customer space, and ignore the staff. I wanted to create a space that would work for both. It needed to be an appealing atmosphere for the customer but be a pleasurable place to work.


The Platform Grove
The Platform Grove- The Botanic Garden Railway Bar

The Platform Grove- The Botanic Garden Railway Bar

This project aims to create a bar space that can be functional at all times of the day. Due to its location, there is a need for somewhere to go throughout the day when visiting the gardens. For this reason, I wanted to create a design that would work for a quick coffee or a late-night drink. The materials and colours need to work for this purpose. The space is underground, meaning lighting and the entrance are important elements to consider.

I was interested in this type of design as hospitality is my main interest in the interior design field. To create something that has different experiences for anyone that comes to it, is what interests me the most. After working in the hospitality industry, myself, it was also key for me to create a design with the employees in mind too. As the key design details of these spaces are for the customers, I thought it would be an interesting take to design for the staff as well.

The underground bar is not new to Glasgow but having a bar in a Botanical Garden and on an old railway line is something I haven’t seen before. The platforms are an important yet forgotten about section of Glasgow’s history, as it has stayed abandoned for over 40 years. To reinvent this space was something that was interesting to me. I kept the original purpose of the site in mind throughout the design and wanted to make nods to it as well.

This elevation is to detail the underground element of the space

Elevation of stairs

The Platform grove, an underground bar beneath the busy city street and nestled in the Botanic Gardens. A design with the fusion of natural beauty and industrial nostalgia- perfect for any outing. Platform Grove isn’t just a bar, to me, it is a unique experience for every person in it. Designed with both customers and the staff in mind. Spanning over 61 meters long and 15.8 meters wide, with around 49 meters of that being customer facing (or front of house) areas. At the heart of the design lies the centrepiece. The two repurposed train carts, sitting on top of the train tracks below. They have been converted into the bar area, holding two separate bars inside. The train carts are used to be a nod to the original purpose of the site. Step aboard to indulge in all the space has to offer. Alongside the bar, you can discover inviting conversation pits along with a plethora of other seating choices, like cosy booths. It is the perfect place for all, if you are having an intimate gathering, a night out with friends or even just a quiet moment of reflection. This space will be for you. Welcome to The Platform Grove- where every visit is a journey worth savouring.

The Site

My chosen site is the Botanic Railway Station Platforms. This site was opened in 1896 and was then closed during the war time. It was then re-opened again in 1919. The railway platforms weren’t popular with locals as the interior was soot-stained as the main trains were steam. After a steady decline in passengers, the railway line closed in 1939. After this the building was mainly left abandoned. The platforms have remained unused since then, with only the railway station main building being used for other purposes. Even though the area was barricaded, there is lots of graffiti plastered across the walls. It is a derelict building that has had no purpose since 1939.

Front of House Visuals

A view of the left side of the site. Showing the Conversation Pit and the Booths. - Throughout my renders I have used different lighting styles to show the site throughout the day.

Front of House Visuals

View of the right side Conversation Pit and lift area.

Front of House Visuals

Another view of the right side Conversation Pits with views of the Toilet Walls.

Front of House Visuals

View of the Bar/ Train Carts. Also showing the Glass walkway, with train tracks below.

View of Stairs

The stairs and lift are very important element of the site. They are the only way for people to get into the bar itself, so it’s important for them to be detailed. I wanted the stairs to have a slight focus on them but still feel as if they blend in to the surrounding space. Using the glass on the landings of the stairs, it gives a slightly open feeling whilst keeping the safety. It was my intention that the customers can look out as they are coming down the stairs and see the full design.

Elevation of the Stairs

A front elevation of the staircase. Showing the underground element.


This is the Renders of the Booths, showing people in the spaces. In the late evening, no natural light and full artiflicial light.

Conversation Pit

Renders of Conversation Pits, showing people in the space as well as the types of lighting. In the evening with low natural light and more lights on.

Booth Construction

Construction of the flooring and booths detail within the Conversation Pit.

Floor Plan

The Bar

Showing the bar render with people in this space. It is during the daytime with natural lighting.

Elevation of Bar

An elevation of one of the bar elements. It shows the materials of the full area, as well as people in the space.

Bar Measurements

Elevation of Booths

An elevation of the booth area, showing the shelves and the booths, it shows the the wall paint and the booth lighting.

measurements for booth

A detail showing the measurements and materiality for the booths.

Stair measurements

disabled toilet

Render of the Disabled Toilets with a person in it.

female toilets

Render of the Female Toilet with low lights, showing people in the space.

male toilets

Render of the Male Toilet with people in it.

Staff Room Visuals

An elevation of the kitchen in the staff room.

Staff Room Visuals

View of the 'cozy corner' in the staff room.

Physical Model

Images of my physical model.