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ERINN SAVAGE – Performance
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Mammals and nature coexist between the walls of the residential retreat, through vast glazing, an indoor outdoor living experience and direct materiality and design choices. On arrival visitors will observe a hanging facade of curved natural wood. Its flowing rippled appearance connects the sound waves created by the children inside to the lapping waves of the River Leven made by Mother Nature outside.

'SeaLife Through a Lense'

This image represents my fundamental design goal: how to frame the natural beauty of Balloch. I took my inspiration from those unfortunate sea creatures who are imprisoned in restrictive and oppressive fish tanks in a sea life sanctuary on the loch. Whilst they are so close to the outdoors they are actually prevented from thriving outside in their natural habitat. In human terms I wanted to create a more positive relationship between inside and outside where visitors felt safe and warm inside but were drawn to the views of the loch and nature outside.