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The style of the hotel is of great importance in my project, this was something that I wanted to focus on in my final year as it is interesting to learn about previous styles and the constant change in trends. The choice of styles for the hotel are Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The facade is one of the reasons for picking the distinctive styles, with it presenting features of Art Nouveau, however the choice for Art Deco is due to its connotations and associations to luxury. The movements have values and represent ideas which I had for my hotel, this particular reason is why I have decided to utilise these in my designs.

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Project Introduction
The Hotel
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Project Introduction

The Golden Hotel is an extravagant escape located on the popular Buchanan Street, situated in the heart of Glasgow. The hotel provides a variety of luxurious large rooms suitable for short or long stays, with all necessary and special amenities. Submerge yourself in the romanticism of Art Nouveau and lavishness of Art Deco within the hotels interiors. A breath of luxury in every aspect. Explore a range of relaxing treatments in the indulgent massage rooms or unwind yourself in the beneficial infrared sauna. An element that creates the perfect couples retreat. Scotland is known for bad weather, so there is no need to worry about leaving the premises, The Golden offers a magnificent restaurant and rooftop bar that allows you to retreat from the bustling city centre.

The main goal of The Golden is to provide the most comfortable stay in Glasgow with guests feeling like royalty.  It is also important that guests find the space entertaining with the fabulous restaurant and rooftop bar, as well as relaxing with the top quality treatments.

The location of The Golden Hotel is important to Glasgow’s future, with a redevelopment plan taking place on Glasgow’s most popular streets. Buchanan Street, Argyle Street and Sauciehall Street form the Golden Z redevelopment plan, which aims to create a vibrant city centre to bring back Glasgow’s spark. The redevelopment aims to promote economic and property growth, creating more housing and diversity within the high street. It is highlighted that there should be an engaging balance of retail and leisure that allows for easy access to all necessities.

Buchanan Street is famous for it’s range of retail spaces, but including a wider range of amenities would provide a richer environment. The Golden Hotel provides that richness that was once held giving Buchanan Street it’s liveliness back and creating the new variety it needs.

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My site is located on the south side of Buchanan Street situated at the end of the Golden Z joining onto Argyle Street. This location is full of attractions with great accessibility to a range of public transport. It’s location is on the main shopping street of Glasgow where future developments are to increase the variety and range of amenities.

Site Map

Golden Z

Golden Z Research


The design style of the hotel focuses on the two movements of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, due to this the materiality is extremely important in the hotels design as it represents the whole theme and style.

The two movements have very distinctive patterns and colours which can be difficult to pair however in the correct combination create interesting and elevating interiors. It is important that the design of the hotels gives it’s guests the luxury experience.



The Hotel

The Lobby

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Ground Floor Plan


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Exclusive Suite

Exclusive Suite

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Third To Fourth Floor Plan

Standard Room

Standard Room


Standard Room Plan

Fifth Floor

Fifth Floor Terrace

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Fifth Floor Plan

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Booth Detail

Sixth Floor

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Sixth Floor Terrace

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Seventh Floor

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Penthouse Suite

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