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Nathan Murphy


I am a strong believer in designing with social responsibility. I believe that the most important voices in design should be the voices of communities. I enjoy the engagement process as it allows me to connect with people and work along side them to create solutions.

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The Pub Approach
Now What?

The Pub Approach

The Pub Approach offers a person centred, natural approach to engagement and aims to strengthen the bond between designers and communities by negating consultation fatigue. The approach focusses on building rapport within communities, ensuring they feel heard and acknowledged from the start. Inspired by the casual atmosphere of pub interactions, this approach isn’t about gathering insights or opportunities, but rather about fostering a strong bond between designers and communities.

This approach consists of two stages: Embed and Celebrate. Embed focuses on natural engagement rather than seeking specific research insights, achieved by spending time within the community to understand its dynamics. Celebrate is a way to give back to the community before starting the design process, ensuring that designers and researchers contribute positively before working with communities.

Double diamond

This image shows when the pub approach should take place. Taking place before the design process begins ensures that communities feel heard and acknowledged from the beginning.

cropped cycle

The Pub Approach video

A mock interview talking about 'my' experience using the Pub Approach.


An artefact that can be given to communities that acknowledge it's good qualities. Giving something back is integral to the Pub Approach.

Give back artefact

An artefact that can be given to communities that acknowledge it's good qualities. Giving something back is integral to the Pub Approach.

Now What?

In the future, the traditional 9-to-5 workweek has evolved significantly. Thanks to the HOLI initiative, workers now have the flexibility to shape their workday according to the seasons. This newfound freedom means people have more leisure time than ever before. But what happens once you’ve checked off every item on your bucket list?

Now What is an urban engagement project offered by Glasgow City Council. Now What seeks to reconnect participants with their environment during their free time. Drawing inspiration from Epicurean philosophies, this project encourages individuals to find beauty in the everyday. With the help of a haptic feedback coin, users embark on a journey to discover hidden pillars scattered throughout the city. These pillars contain prompts left by other users, inviting participants to contribute their own suggestions for activities like flower bombing or creating urban furniture. Through this shared experience, Now What fosters a sense of community engagement and exploration.

Haptic feedback coin

The haptic feedback coin vibrates more the closer you get to a Now What pillar


Pillars are left by other users, they contain prompts for how users can impact their environment.

1 year of impact

3 years of impact

5 years of impact